A common reason for not having a website is “you don’t need to be on Google all you need are referrals”.  And, if do quality work, referrals are not hard to come by.

That reason could not be any further from the truth; because, Google is the most widely used search engine in the world and only getting bigger.  Google’s advertising revenue has grown 18% year after year and has reached 19.8 billion dollars.

We search the internet mostly using Google so much we don’t even recognize it – it’s like a habit a natural thing to do.  Over 1.2 trillion Google searches were made in 2017 according to Internet Live Stats.  That’s around 5.5 billion searches every day of the year done on Google or around 63,000 search queries done per second.

  • You and your significant other want to see a movie, you Google it to see what’s playing.
  • Your traveling on a long trip and want something to eat, you Google to find what restaurants are close to your present location.
  • Looking for directions, you open Google Maps.
  • Need a plumber, you Google “plumber”.
  • Shopping for tools, kitchenware or a gift, you Google it.

Googling has become second nature, the fact is, even if you’re searching for a company to see their reviews or gather some other information before you visit or call, you’re still searching, and the statistics say, you’re probably Googling.

Word-of-mouth marketing and Google work hand-in-hand

Referrals are a necessary thing for small businesses. Working hard to acquire a great reputation through quality work, products and fair business practices is still a small business’s top priority. Furthermore, getting positive word-of-mouth recommendations is still one of the best things you can do to grow your business. However, in this digital age, even word-of-mouth marketing needs to work hand-in-hand with Google as potential customers will take their friends verbal recommendations and Google it to get more information..

You may be the best in your trade, with hundreds of satisfied customers. But if customers seeking your products or services can’t find you online, or worse – find outdated, incorrect information about your business –they’ll just move on down the Google list; consequently, you won’t be acquiring any new customers anytime soon.

Years ago, you needed an ad in the phone-book to succeed in business. My private Forensic Analyst business in the 90’s paid $6,000 a year for a quarter page ad in the phone-book.  But today, the internet is the world’s largest, easiest-to-navigate phone-book ever. Never before have small business owners had the ability to connect so easily with customers and potential customers who are searching for their products and services than they have right now using the internet.

In addition, unlike the phone-book the amount of information you can provide is limitless and that information can be updated and added at will.  But the best part, the price is a fraction of the cost of a phone-book ad.

U.S. Website Studio can design a custom website for as little as $75 and host it for $17 per month with no contract. We design the whole website and maintain it. We would love to hear from you. Contact us below.

It’s a fact- you need Google even if your the last pineapple on the island.


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