SEO for Small Businesses

SEO – if you have a website, I’m sure you have heard of search engine optimization (SEO). What you may not know is most of what you hear and what SEO companies promote, for a fee of course, is based on a national or a world wide SEO campaign.

That makes no sense for a local business and certainly is not a cost effective SEO campaign. It is much more effective for a local business to do business with local people and businesses; therefore, your SEO campaign should be aimed toward the businesses and people in your locale.

For clarity, lets take a look at a case study for local franchise business. Franchises are based in towns and therefore, service their local community. A national SEO campaign directs potenial customers to a national website. Your potential customer who has the attenion span of a gnat must wade through all the fluff to finally find your little one line link. Wouldn’t it be better for the potential customer to go straight to their destination and take advantage of your expertise in a locale they live and work in; after all, isn’t that why they searched for your company in the first place. Moreover, if your business is a one stop shop or more limited to a local demogrphic then it is paramont that your SEO campaign be focused to your locale.

Goggle’s first page has an average of six (6) paid ads and 10 lines of search results. Why would a local business want to compete with the whole world for those 10 lines?

Build your SEO campaign by thinking about what your local customers are searching for, build your web presence from a local perspective. Google loves new, fresh content and requires keywords or phrases in your page titles and content to be relevant to, what you do, where you are and who you are.

Here at U.S. Website we build SEO relevant websites that are focused on small businesses; the one stop shop in a local demographic. Our Vision is Your Solution.


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