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Welcome to Pro Pool, a longtime trusted and reliable pool service company in Your town, that town, her town, everyone’s town and neighboring areas. Pool service companies in our area are a dime a dozen and then some, for this reason, we work hard to earn your business and loyalty.

At Pro Poolwe provide top quality pool service, maintenance, and repair at an affordable price to both commercial and residential clients. Every pool is different and no two clients have the same needs. Therefore, Pro Pool provides custom pool service including maintenance packages, repairs, remolding, upgrades and removals, Service visits range from one-time pool service to recurring weekly, monthly or even seasonal service.

Unlike many in the pool cleaning business, we show up on time every time. We are fully licensed and insured! Our service techs are highly trained, perform their work in a professional, manner and can handle all pool equipment and chemicals safely. At Pro Pool, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! Call 123.253.1636 today for a free estimate.

- Pool Cleaning Service -

Maintaining a pool is a laborious task many homeowners hate and in many cases just don’t know how to do it correctly.  One cleaning day can make the difference between enjoying pool ownership and wanting to pull the plug. Our mission at Pro Pool is making pool ownership fun and safe. We use scheduling software to ensure regular and on time service visits. Our trucks are labeled and our highly trained, safe, motivated technician are dressed in company uniforms for your security and peace of mind. We aim to make pool maintenance simple and affordable.

If your new to pool ownership, you’ll be be surprised to know how much of a pain it is to maintain one. Many new owners may not see the value of a reliable and affordable pool service, but just like your car, home and even your computer if neglected your pool can end up costing much, much and more much than the cost of a professionally maintained pool. Pools require proper and regular maintenance, skip a step or be late a day and its may be hang your head down and cry day.

Our pool service techs are really good at what they do and will ensure that the chemical balance of the water is correct, see that proper water levels and circulation are maintained and make sure that your filtration system is doing its job. Let us do the work, while you have the fun.

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free pool inspections

Avoid major problems by catching them early and having yearly pool inspections. Pro Pool will look for cracks…

pump issues, algae or sediment buildup, test the pH balance, and any other structural elements of your pool, informing you of any problems and scheduling repairs if needed.

Free Water Analysis

It’s important to learn how to test pool water, and do it at least once a week to …

make sure the pH and alkalinity are balanced, and to keep your sanitizer level in check (i.e. chlorine at 3 ppm). Bring your pool volume or dimensions and we will calculate the chemicals and quantity need to bring your pool back to clean clear water.


Located in Your Town USA, Pro Pool is ready and waiting to take care of all your pool maintenance to serve activities. Give us a call with any questions you may have. Let us take the hassle out of owning a pool you, so you can enjoy, relax and excessive.

We Treat Your Pool Likes Its Our Own

There are no two pools alike or customers with identical needs, so make an appointment for a free, no hassle estimate for pool cleaning, or pool repair. We’re sure, you’ll be glad you did!