What’s a Fair Price

WHAT'S A FAIR PRICE FOR A WEBSITE Our clients often ask us why we offer this service, but not that one. Why our price is so low and how can we publish a website, provide a theme, maintenance and support at that price. And then, some ask why we charge so much? So, how...

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Benefits of Hiring a Lawn Care Company?

As a website designer who has clients in the lawn care business, the biggest mistake I see them make in designing their own website is that they sell the Service instead of the Benefits. Sell the Benefits, Not the Service This is the #1 mistake I see lawn...

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Taking Pictures

I could go into detail about the importance of professional photography for your website, but chances are you’re going to ignore that piece of professional advice. So let's move on, everyone has a phone, but that doesn't make everyone a photographer. Yes,...

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Local Searches and Website vs Social Media

A Capital One survey of 400 small businesses in 2016 found that only 56 percent have a company website. And only 53 percent of those were mobile-optimized. Put differently, fewer than 30 percent of small businesses surveyed had a mobile-optimized website,...

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Why Build a Small Business Website?

Why Build a Small Business Website? A small business website is expected in today's digital world. If your business is not online, then your customers are discovering that your competition is. A small business website is a must have in today’s digital...

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A DIY Website or a Website Designer?

A DIY Website or a Website Designer? The cheapest employee you will ever have is a well-designed website. It will work 24/7 attracting visitors and turning those visitors into paying customers. The good news is that a website designer is within reach of...

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Dominate Local SEO Results

Local SEO is a strategy small businesses need to use to get more customers. If you’re just starting out, you may be wondering where do I start in the advertising world.  Building a website should be high on the list as well as a Facebook business page....

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