Do you dream of self-employment? A home-based business is a great way to start and grow a business part time without having to lease an office or space in a building. By starting off from home, you save a lot of the startup cost. For a home-based business to be successful, you will need to market and advertise your products and/or services. To market a home-based business start by developing a website, expand your network locally and on social media, establish yourself as a professional authority in your field through blogs and posts. In this article, we’ll focus on the website.

I just finished watching a webinar on how to get my first $5,000 website design client. I watched for about an hour before turning it off, as it did not match my business model and I didn’t want to pay $1,599 for his course on how to make me rich. You don’t need a $5,000-dollar website not even a $300 one. To start your home-based business marketing plan all you need is $32.

Get Started for $32

I know what you’re thinking, $32 can’t buy much. However, it can rent you a lot in the marketing world. It can rent you an address on the internet in the form of a domain name so potential customers can find you. It can rent you a professionally designed website and server to host it on. The three things you need is a website, a domain name and a host to publish your website. You cannot buy a permanent domain name, they are rented from ICANN on a yearly basis. If you want to buy a sever, well, do you have thousands of dollars and lots of time and technical knowledge? A website costs $300 to $10,000 or more and it will be obsolete within a few years or less. Or, you can rent a website for $17 per month.

Another option is developing your own website from someone like Wix. You’ll need to learn how to drag and drop, resize and optimize images and write copy. It wouldn’t hurt if you have good writing skills, know colors, information flow, inbound/outbound links, optimizing copy for SEO, layout appeal, Flesch Reading scale and much more. Moreover, leave plenty of time for learning all the above and for maintaining security and software/plugin updates. I won’t mention the headache caused by hackers. Wow, when are you going to have time to work your job, work your part time business, take care of the kids and the spouse? Don’t despair, there is a solution.

The $17 Website for a Home Based Business

Would you like to see what a $17 website looks like, check out Katie’s Catering? Now, is that website not worth $17 per month including hosting, maintenance, updates and security? Moreover, it’s within the budget of a home-based business. Put your website’s domain name on business cards, car/truck, social media like Facebook and Twitter, Google/Bing search page and the list goes on. U.S. Website Studio has many business type websites and constantly develops more. If your business type is not listed on the Portfolio page contact us to see if it is being designed, if not we’ll make you one at no cost other than the $17. Remember, we design the website using our images or yours, we write the copy and we maintain the website. You go make money while we take care of your home-based business website.

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