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Hair Salon

Curl Me Crazy Hair Salon was created by Curly Que in Blonde City, Iowa in 2015.


Curly Que
Bed Head
Holy Snip


Hair Stylist & Owner
Stylin & Dyeing
Sippin & Clippin


I graduated from Margarita  Cosmetology Institute in Deadhead, Arizona. I wanted to learn European hair styles firsthand,. So, like other artists I went to Paris, Texas and snipped and clipped under the direct supervision of Flippy  la Fluier.

scalable website

Scalable has two meanings when applied to the internet. The first, it is scaled to fit all media devices. In other words, the website looks good on an Iphone or desktop PC and all screen sizes in between.  In today’s mobile markets, that is a flat out requirement for any website. Second, the website must be designed from the beginning to grow as your company grows, which is a major cost savings.
My U.S. Website is scalable both ways and I have already saved money. I started with a $17 per month website and added pages to it over a short time. My website is now a full blown site with 15 pages, a blog and an appointment module allowing my customers and I to make appointments and track them online.

Curly Que’s Experience

U.S. Website Studio has keep my site secure and updated. It really has been a forget it Bob’s GOT IT EXPERIENCE!

Customer’s Experience

My customers enjoy the easy online appointment scheduler and images of the latest hair styles.

Website Growth

As my business grew, my website grew and as times and trends changed, so did my website.

best hair tip ever

I started my career in a busy salon like the left picture below. I worked a few years perfecting my skills and building a healthy client base, but my earnings were low. So, I moved to a new salon that offered higher pay, like the middle picture below. However, I had no client base and had to start all over. Then I got a prissy little brain fart and got my own website. Just a simple but professional inexpensive site. When my customers came to visit, I gave them my website to look at new hair styles and tips. After a few years, I once again acquired a solid customer base. Soon after, I decided to start my own salon. Got a storefront, emailed my customer base and I was off to a solid start. Take my advice ladies, a website is a solid tool for growing your own following. Get one – you’ll be glad you did – you can thank me later.

I am a beautician and a storyteller. I can tell you stories that will curl your hair! So, if your hair is unbecoming to see… maybe you should be coming to see me.

my story

My story begins much like the life of Pippi Longstocking. Hair do’s that sucked so bad I decided the only way I’d ever have nice looking hair was to go to school and learn all about hair.

So, I did!

And now, I’m here with my own salon with 5 stations and a facial room with a make up artist. I went from Solopreneur to an Entrepreneur in a relatively short time. I can honestly say that having a website like U.S. Website Studio designed and maintained played a real world part of my success. The website is the cornerstone of my marketing plan and has paid off in spades!

The numbers

Book an appointment for a hair style, haircut, color & more at our hair salon. Discover trending hairstyles in our modern, comfortable and serene hair salon! Cut, color and style! Our beauty services are handled by trained professionals who will consult, design and introduce you to styling products and tools to maintain healthy, beautiful hair and look that will knock his socks off and maybe other things too!
  • Hair Trim – 90%
  • Complete Makeover – 77%
  • Happy Customers – 100%

Hair styles

Satisfied Clients

Ongoing Projects

Cups Of Coffee

Hair can be red, hair can be brown, come on in and we’ll change your crown.

Let’s Start Something new Say Hello!

Great hair doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by appointment! Gives us a call.

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