Why Build a Small Business Website?

A small business website is expected in today’s digital world. If your business is not online, then your customers are discovering that your competition is.

A small business website is a must have in today’s digital world. Phone books are no longer available even for door stops. It is essential to embrace digital technology to remain competitive and for your business to have a future. A business website is the best resource to increase revenue and customer base.

For many business owners, a website is a mystery and full of uncertainties. They may think that a small business website is too costly, time consuming, expensive to create and maintain. Sadly, they couldn’t be any further from the truth. There are many affordable website designers and DIY templates.

A Study by Big Commerce Shows that:1

  • 51% of Americans prefer to shop online
  • 96% of Americans with internet access have made an online purchase in their life, 80% in the past month alone
  • E commerce is growing 23% year-over-year, yet 46% of American small businesses do not have a website
  • Online orders increase 8.9% in Q3 2016, but average order value (AOV) increased only 0.2% — indicating that transactional growth is outpacing total revenue

An update to the above stats is available and can be reviewed here: “9 eCommerce Trends of 2018

The Digital Age has made the entire online business process accessible to everybody, even baby boomers are online age doesn’t matter, nor does computer experience or location. People around the world are using the internet more and more to buy products and services. Home shopping done from your recliner (arm chair shopping) is a lot more convenient than driving to the store, finding somewhere to park, walking around trying to find what you’re looking for and then waiting in a long slow line to pay for it. I don’t know about you, but I always manage to get the cashier that’s staring off into space with a Stevie Wonder look on their face picking their nose with one hand while fumbling with the cash register with the other. Speed and efficiency is not in their vocabulary.

There is no longer any doubt that a small business needs a website to compete. It is said, “that a business with no website is losing customers to those businesses that do”.

A website is a must for growing your business as it will enable you to reach a much larger target audience for your products and services. The way people shop has changed as shoppers become more and more comfortable purchasing online using mobile phones and tablets. The rise of smartphones has made finding a local business a snap and even provides directions from your present location. None of this is possible without a business website.

A website works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year around. Your customers are not limited to open store hours. Your online business can reach customers from all over the world and generate revenue even when you are sleeping!

Required Knowledge

A small business website does involve more than slapping a website online and then wait for customers to start buying. The internet is competitive and to succeed you need knowledge in designing, publishing and search engine optimizing (SEO). You need a plan on attracting customers to your website, telling them about your products or services and motivate them to buy.

Find out what a fair price is for creating a website here.


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