As a website designer who has clients in the lawn care business, the biggest mistake I see them make in designing their own website is that they sell the Service instead of the Benefits.

Sell the Benefits, Not the Service

This is the #1 mistake I see lawn care and landscaping owners do in designing their website, Facebook ads, and door hangers.

You will never own your market if all of your advertisemnt media look like this:

Company Name
Services Offered
Phone Number
…and that’s all folks.

So, what are some of the benefits of lawn care service?

Your customer gets more free time to spend with friends and family, and enjoy the things they really want to do.

Your customer’s yard will look professionally done. A landscaping and lawn care company, like Your Lawn Care Company, will be able to make their lawn or garden look more beautiful than they can ever imagine. With multiple years of experience, a professional team of landscape artists can take the idea and vision they had in mind – and not only make it come to life, but also take it multiple steps further, which is something that they may not have the expertise to do.

Safety is always a benefit – Certain lawn care products can sometimes be dangerous if not handled correctly. Your Lawn Care Company prides itself on using some of the safest products on the market, with certified and trained technicians applying materials at state and federal mandated levels. This ensures a safe lawn for you and your family.

As a conscientious homeowner, they naturally have concerns for the impact of their choices on the environment – good and bad. While most people would prefer to affect positive change wherever possible, it takes a huge amount of time to learn all the ins-and-outs of “going green”, so it’s not as easy as just deciding to do it.

The environmental concerns that many people have is the impact of various products such as fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides used to maintain their lawn.

Your lawn care company has trained and experienced technicians to assess what products their lawn needs and when and how much to apply to ensure the local ecosystem isn’t adversely affected while maintaining a profeessional looking landscape. Furthermore, you take into consideration the safety for children and pets.

Noticing warning signs of bad things to come. Your lawn care techs are trained to notice the tiny changes to the appearance or health of a lawn. A trained eye can catch these subtle changes in their earliest stages and prevent further damage saving your customer money.

In the case of disease, weed control, and insect damage, it’s much easier to fix the problem through preventive measures and quick treatment than it would be if not caught until major damage has occured.

A busy homeowner working full time tries to schedule time for lawn care. However, mother nature doesn’t care about their schedule. Their lawn may start growing really fast one week due to climatic conditions, blowing their neatly scheduled time out the window and increasing their frustration level.

What about fertilizing, watering, and other important factors in caring for their lawn: they don’t always conform to their schedule.

Your professional lawn care service includes factors like flexibility for day-to-day weather changes, seasonal climate trends, even specific specie of grass, and any other factor that dictates how to maintain their lawn in a professional appearence. It’s your lawn care service working full time to make sure their lawn looks great. Your’re able to adjust the timing of various services based on what’s best for the lawn and weather conditions rather than fitting them into a rigid schedule that can’t be changed and may develope into a disaster.

Gardening equipment is expensive, and it can take up a lot of space that your customer may not have have. They won’t have the expense of annual tune-ups, and they don’t have to sacrifice that premium storage space in their shed or garage. Your customer won’t have to store and properly care and dispose of unused chemicals. Fertilizer and pesticides are not always sold in the perfect amount for their lawn–they’lll almost always have too little or too much.

Do potential customers need to know the types of service your lawn care company provides, absolutely! But, think about it, when you read an ad or view a website, what gets your attention. A long list of services or an interesting image showing a well manicured stripped luscious green lawn with a slogan like, “Let us help create the yard of your dreams. A healthy green weed free lawn – the way nature intended it to be and the time to enjoy it”. Listings benefits will outsell service each and every time.

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