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A variety of jobs, careers, education and training has driven me here, as a Solopreneur.

I’m Bob Boyett

After high school, I started my working career driving trucks which later led to a career in Emergency HAZMAT Response and Industrial Rescue. While wearing moon-suits with temperatures pushing 120 degrees, breathing bottled air and entering poisoned confined spaces in pitch black darkness, I began thinking this isn’t the type of job suited for old age. Moreover, one little prick in this walking balloon and I won’t live to see those Golden Years. So, I switched careers and began working as a Forensic Consultant specializing in sick buildings, which led to starting my first major Solopreneur company.  My last 20 years, I worked for a fortune 500 company in the field of safety. I finished that career by teaching and writing safety courses. The safety courses where designed for presentation on the internet.  Finally, I started two years ago building another Solopreneur company U.S. Website Studio.

“When younger and supporting a growing family, I always had a part time self-employed business, better known today as a Solopreneur.”


I design scalable websites for the Solopreneur market. I started this company with the idea of helping other people who have the need to earn extra money. Today the internet has replaced the $6,000 dollar phone book ad.  I remember how hard it was to market a part time business not the mention the cost.  So, I started the $17 Solopreneur Website.
I design Solopreneur websites, so you don’t have too!

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